35+ Small Python Programs For Beginners To Practice

Competitive Programming Questions With Solution For Beginners, Number Patterns, Pattern Programming, and much more

Rohit Kumar Thakur
3 min readDec 4, 2021


Competitive Python Programming

Hello, Python Enthusiasts..!!

If you want to master Python Programming then you must practice python competitive programming questions. This will brush up your skill and make your Python knowledge fluent. If you are new to the Python world and looking for a Python Tutorial Series then it’s here. Follow me on medium and stay updated. I will extend this Pytho Code list in the upcoming future.

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Find String Of Maximum length Inside A String Sentence Using Python For Loop

Print Fibonacci Series In Python Using For Loop

Hollow Hour Glass or Hollow Sand Glass Program in Python

Python Hour Glass (Sand Glass) Program In Python

Write a program to print reverse counting from 10 to 1 using while loop in Python

Horizontal Triangle Star Pattern Code In Python

Program Of Hollow Pyramid or Triangle in Python

Inverted Hollow Pyramid or Inverted Hollow Triangle in Python

Mirror Number Pyramid in Python

Pyramid Alphabet Pattern In Python

Alphabet Pattern Program In Python For Beginners

Print The Specific String as Pattern in Python Programming (Alphabet Pattern In Python)

Triangle: Alphabet Pattern in Python Programming Part(3)

Triangle: Alphabet Pattern in Python Programming (Part 2)

Triangle: Alphabet Pattern In Python (Part 1)

Diamond Star Pattern in Python

Equilateral Triangle or Pyramid Pattern In Python

Print Hollow Rectangle or Square in Python

Number Pattern in Python: Right Angled Triangle

Check For Co-Prime Numbers in Python

Find Armstrong Number In The Range of 1 To 1000 Using Python

Greatest Common Divisor or HCF In Python

Determine A Given Natural Number Is A Perfect Number Or Not Using Python

Python Program to Write Mathematical Multiplication Table

Python Program to Find Out the Maximum of Three Numbers

Python Program to Compute Percentage

Compute Sine Function using Python Programming

Write a Python Function to Check If a Number is Prime or Not

Python Code to Print out the Right Angled Triangle

Least Common Multiple (LCM) in Python

Palindrome Program In Python

Compute the Expansion of e^x using Python

How to Write Cosine Function in Python

Print out Inverted Triangle using Python

Python Code To Check If The Year Is A Leap Year

Glad You make it to the end. Now you are confident enough to go for any python programming question at beginner and intermediate levels.

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