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My name is Rohit Kumar Thakur. I am from Madhubani, Bihar (India). I am a college dropout. I love to write codes, develop mobile apps, design websites, and train machine learning models. Occasionally, I write on medium and make YouTube Videos. Blast From The Past

I come from an average middle-class family. Where the mood of the family changes as the month passes (month beginning to month end). But above all this, my father fights against the odd situation like a true hero and did every possible thing for our education. He borrowed money, did overtime work, and did every possible thing with his integrity and dignity.

From the very beginning, I am good at maths. My father always wants to be an engineer. But due to financial problems, he dropped that idea. That’s why he wanted me to become an engineer. I have always wanted to be an engineer. Because an engineer has the power to change the world. Being a fan of Tony Stark (Marvel Character), I wonder how AI, ML, Robotics, and all these stuff work.

I won several medals in the maths and science olympiad. I got AIR 196 in Junior Scientist Talent Hunt Exam. I was good at cricket. I was and I am a fun lover and fully extrovert kinda boy who always live his life to the fullest.

Time passes...

I was preparing for JEE with a teenage heartbreak scenario. That situation was tough but I enjoyed it a lot. Because I was in Kota, Rajasthan. From this place, I started falling in love with Physics. But unfortunately, the result of the JEE exam was not in my favor. On my second attempt, I scored a decent mark in JEE and cleared other entrances exam too. I was very excited that finally, I am going to college. I am gonna learn, hacking, robotics, web development, AI, ML, and mobile app development.

But wait…

What? Is this our education system? I am not learning anything. All I have to care about is the project, assignment, internal, external, viva, thesis, mid-term, and most important 75% attendance. It took me 2 hours to reach my college because it’s far away from my home (Kolkata). From the very first semester, it was haunting me, and wanna drop out my college. But I made really good friends there. They are all like brothers to me. So, it was like the light in the darkness for me. I don’t wanna waste my 4 years like that or for a degree which gonna taught me nothing but train me like a robot. So, I started self-learning from Coursera, Edx, Udemy, YouTube, Blogs, Udacity, and many others. There was no godfather for me (a guide). So, it took time. But slowly and steadily I learned Django (backend + frontend), Android and iOS app development (React Native & Expo), Machine learning, Python.

My friends helped me a lot in this period. If I pick one then that would be cruel but Sumit was extra supportive and helpful.

I got a year back in the 6th semester. So, I decided to leave my college. I am happy with my decision because I knew what I am doing. But my family was not happy at all. They are like, what the other people gonna say.

My Vision My Goal

But above all this, I always wanted to start my own company. And I believe that knowledge should be free to all. That’s why I started writing on medium, making YouTube videos. I don’t want anyone to face problems as I faced earlier when I was a newbie to this field.

I don’t know much about my future. But I am very excited about it. I am working hard right now for my living and expenses and soon I gonna laid down the foundation of my startup. It is going to be in the gaming sector.

I will continue to write on Medium and make YouTube videos.

You can support me in my journey too.

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