Login with OTP in React Native & Expo apps Using Firebase

Phone Authentication For Andriod and iOS devices

OTP authentication using react native, expo, and firebase

Project setup, Package Requirements, and Code

  • Start your expo project
  • Set up your Firebase Application for the web. We will use the config keys of the firebase web application in our project.
  • Make a JavaScript file inside the root directory of the project. I named it “config.js”. Inside this file, we will add the Firebase config keys.
  • The code of the OTP login is really simple. It goes something like this:
  • Define the state of the application using the useState hook
const [phoneNumber, setPhoneNumber] = useState('');
const [code, setCode] = useState('');
const [verificationId, setVerificationId] = useState(null);
const recaptchaVerifier = useRef(null);
  • Send the verification code.
const sendVerification = () => {
const phoneProvider = new firebase.auth.PhoneAuthProvider();
.verifyPhoneNumber(phoneNumber, recaptchaVerifier.current)
  • Confirm the verification code
const confirmCode = () => {
const credential = firebase.auth.PhoneAuthProvider.credential(
.then(() => {
.catch((error) => {
// show an alert in case of error
'Login Successful. Welcome to Dashboard.',

  • That’s it. The rest is the UI part. You can see the demo of this project here.
  • If you are confused or lost, I would recommend watching a step-by-step video tutorial. Few minutes of setup and code, you will be ready to test the application.

Why do I suggest watching more videos?

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